Our Peer-Assisted Learning Scheme for Economics (EconPALS) is offered for Economics 1 students and aims to provide useful guidance and insight to the course by second, third and fourth-year Economics students. By sharing their experience in Economics 1, EconPALS leaders can guide first-year students throughout the course, offering exam tips, essay planning techniques, and specific explanation of the syllabus.

Since EconPALS closely collaborates with Edinburgh University Student Association Peer Support office and is supported by the School of Economics, the EconPALS weekly schedule strictly follows the Economics 1 course, offering its students the unique opportunity of examining the syllabus with older and more experienced students as well as fellow first-year economics students.

As with all the PALS groups, EconPALS sessions are nothing like the typical Economics tutorials. The Leaders do not teach the first-year students but encourage their independent learning by using alternative ways of representing the syllabus, enhancing student interaction, and even playing games (we are the proud creators of the Economics Pictionary). You can always expect pizzas and sweets in our sessions.

EconPALS has been running for two years and in this short period it has been a shortlisted nominee for the best PALS group of the University (academic year 2015/16) and received enthusiastic feedback from participating students.